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European Volunteer service in Latvia. 05.09.2014.

Children, education

Marwy Bovart

Marwy Bovart

Biedrība "Jaunatne smaidam"



Although I was excited when i found out that I’m invited on EVS project in Latvia, the truth was that i knew very little about Latvia and nothing about what I should expect from this project.

I arrived in Latvia on 1st September and my first impression was – OK, I’m here, what’s now?! But as soon as I met children, surroundings and get to nice and positive reception, everything started and staid like that since my last day in Latvia.

I think that experience in my EVS project was good and useful in many ways: first of all I met and made nice friendships with other volunteers (made some nice parties and travels with them); got some good advices, experiences during the on-arrival and nid-term trainings and in work in my project, in talk and from advice with my mentor; learning how to be self-independent and all that experience I can use in some future work and life too.

I also get know one new country and culture (that I like very much), language-that I can in face speak but only with 2 years old child J, learned how to survive in forest and wash myself with lake water! :)

But what will stay in my best memory on Latvia is the time I spend with children in Barbele, and nice things that I experienced from and with them. One of the best and funniest was their plan for me how to stay in Latvia without visa. Their plan was to find me a Latvian husband – so that i can have all documents to stay, than to buy me a house (with project money), not to mention all older brothers (for marriage) and invitations to come to live with them and become theirs new sister. And when they realized that there is no possibility for me to stay – I got invitation to „stay ILLEGAL!” :)

There i snot enough space for all good memories that I have from Latvia and that is why Latvia will always be part of me!