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Working as a volunteer is an opportunity to get something that cannot be bought for money 25.07.2018.

Foreign / international volunteering (abroad)

Julia Macey

Julia Macey



A volunteer is a person who, on his own initiative, decided to devote his time to socially useful work. In some, perhaps, it is associated with certain duties, for the performance of which no material reward is provided. However, others see this as an opportunity to get something that can not be bought for money - friends, experience, and knowledge.

The principles of volunteering are based on equality, because everyone can join the volunteer movement, regardless of gender, age, religion, political views and other conditions. The main thing is a desire to help and act.

In the world, the traditions of volunteering were laid more than 100 years ago, and in Latvia - only in 1998. The first states where volunteering appeared were the Netherlands and the United States.

Where do volunteers work?
Young people wishing to become volunteers are offered the opportunity to work in both Latvian and foreign organizations. You can work as a volunteer not only on an international scale, you can also participate in events that suit your area, city or any organization. The volunteer is free to choose the sphere of activity that interests him and work in it.
Where to search for positions:

Student self-government is a good start for those who simply want to work for any high purpose. Student self-government offers all interested persons to take part in so-called students, to work in the field of interest to them and to find new friends, contacts and, of course, experience!
AIESEC is the world's largest youth self-government organization. In Latvia, it has been operating for 19 years, its representative offices are in Riga and Valmiera. The organization accepts new members into its ranks two times a year - in the autumn and in the spring. The main focus of its activities is the international practice program. During the exchange trips, AIESEC offers young people jobs at enterprises, non-governmental organizations, and schools. Money is not always the most important - sometimes you just need to start somewhere, even from a small, and this is exactly the same opportunity! During practice abroad there is a chance to expand your horizons, as well as to acquire new friends and acquaintances.
SOS Children's Village in Valmiera is a social charity event that provides long-term care for children left without parents. Taking part in the work of this organization, you can help children in school, spend time with them and participate in joint activities. This is a great experience for those who want to become a social worker, psychologist or teacher, because, in their work with children, young people can develop their communication skills.
Work as a volunteer in Europe offers young people the opportunity to become a volunteer for any organization of one of the participating countries. Volunteers are compensated for 100% of travel expenses and accommodation costs, provide insurance and language courses, and they also receive pocket money.

Within the framework of the program "Youth in Action", there are 75 accredited European volunteer organizations in Latvia, 25 of which are youth organizations. These organizations carry out international youth volunteer activities.

How to become a volunteer?
First, you want to do something good and useful, without getting any reward for it, and you should also clearly understand which sphere you want to work.
Secondly, you need to be interested in local events or organizations, as well as international organizations that offer the most attractive programs.
Thirdly, if it is an international organization, it is necessary to put in order documents related to travel and everyday life; relevant documents are also needed to participate in local events or organizations.
And, finally, from words to deeds!
The platform for DEEDin volunteers operates on the Internet, which promotes volunteerism in Latvia and Europe. With its help, you can create your own profile of a volunteer or your organization, find and join existing volunteer movements, and regularly learn the news.

What should a volunteer know?
Starting volunteering, of course, you need to have information about what rights and duties a volunteer has. Also, the volunteer should know about the rights and duties of volunteer organizations in relation to his employees.

*The organizer of volunteer activity has the right to request a young man a certificate of health issued by a doctor before starting work.
*The volunteer has the right to work in safe and health-friendly conditions, to receive information about his activities, as well as support, training, and assistance if any.
*The volunteer has the right to be evaluated, to refuse the proposed work and to receive compensation for the expenses incurred.
*If the proposed work is abroad, the organizer covers the travel expenses and expenses associated with the residence of the volunteer, as well as gives him pocket money.
*It is the duty of the volunteer to get acquainted with the goals and values of the work and respect them, to carry out the work entrusted to them responsibly, to participate in training, to inform about non-attendance and to respect confidentiality.

Important! Youth volunteer activities are subject to prohibitions and restrictions established by regulatory enactments regulating legal relations. The contract in writing is made on the initiative of the organizer of the work or the youngest person. The contract specifies the type of activity and the period of its implementation.