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  1. The story competition takes place from August 2014 till November 2014. The stories sent each month participate in the story competition of the respective month, beginning on the first day of the month and ending on the last day of the month, with the exception of November (competition to end on Nov 25).
  2. Voting for the stories occurs by evaluation of the users on the DEEDin platform, using a scale from 1 to 5.
  3. The two stories with the highest user evaluation win the competition each month. In case of identical scores, winner becomes the story with the highest number of votes.
  4. The winners of each month receive a special DEEDin badge, a prize from the sponsors and the chance to participate at the ceremony on Volunteer Day in December, where the author of the one best story shall be identified and awarded.
  5. Every DEEDin user can vote once for one story.
  6. The authors of the 10 best stories each month will receive DEEDin badges. These will be sent by post or handed over at the Valmiera Region Foundation in Valmiera, Garā iela 10.
  7. When participating at the story competition, you confirm that you are aware of the following: in case you win you will be asked to indicate your postal address in order to receive your prize, or receive your prize in Valmiera within 30 days after the results are published.
  8. A story may consist of:
    1. text,
    2. text and photos,
    3. text and video,
    4. photos or video only.
  9. Before writing your story, please get acquainted with the Rules for Usage of the Story Section.
  10. In addition to the competition, the authors of 4 stories will be invited to take part in little short videos on voluntary activities in the life of the authors. These stories shall be selected by the creators of DEEDin with respect to the variety, quality, and message of the stories, and other factors.
  11. Each month's winners shall be announced on the DEEDin platform until the 5th date of the following month.
  12. Should you have any questions feel free to contact the organising team by e-mail See e-posti aadress on spämmirobotite eest kaitstud. Selle nägemiseks peab su veebilehitsejas olema JavaSkript sisse lülitatud. or phone +371 27767876.